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Variety: .

Tasting notes:

Pairing: .
Serve between º C and º C.

Volume: 75cl.
Alcohol content: %.

Appellation of origin:
The Regulatory Council only grants the qualification of wines covered by the Appellation of Origin “Condado de Huelva” to those who use the appropriate techniques, both in the handling of grapes, must and wine , as in the control of fermentation, conservation and production processes. All this, safeguarding the traditional characteristics of the wines from “El Condado” and with the ultimate objective of obtaining wines distinguished by their maximum quality.

Until the bottling phase of the wines “Condado de Huelva” for its consumption, different stages are scrupulously followed by the Regulatory Council that sets the guidelines to follow, supervises their correct execution and qualifies those wines that have been produced under criteria of quality .

We work with specialized packaging for the delivery of the products. Our packaging guarantees:

  • Thermal protection: The product will arrive with all its properties to its destination point.
  • Transport protection: The product will be protected during transport in the light of sunlight, vibrations and odors.
  • Reuse: Our packaging is reusable and recyclable.